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“In my compacity as County Manager, I have consistently been impressed with Ascension’s thoroughness and professional demeanor. I have particularly appreciated their willingness and ability to provide insight and problem-solving capabilities to our projects.”

– Micheal Renshaw, Barrow County Manager (Winder, Ga)

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Central Focus and Purpose

To provide exemplary Program Management services, our Team’s central focus will be to augment your staff with specific expertise in the areas of managing TIME, COST, and QUALITY. Our Goal will always be to control cost while ensuring the best Quality your budget can afford. Our past experience supports our confident claim that our Management Practices will result in a 5 to 10% Savings in project costs and a minimum of 25% savings on your staff’s time.

Client Centered Delivery System

We specialized in providing Program / Development Management services to our clients utilizing a Client Centered Delivery System.

  • The Client requires assistance – we represent their interest
  • The Client has options – we must be the best option
  • The Client has responsibilities – we must be selfless
  • The Client has an urgency – we must move rapidly
  • The Client is unique – we must be malleable
  • The Client has high expectations – we must excel
  • Because of the Client – we exist

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