Fulton County – Space Utilization Analysis and Programming

Project Description and Project Manager Role:
Fulton County has engaged Ascension and their Partner Sizemore Group to provide Professional services related to space analysis, programming, and planning. Our intent is to define the departments that best align their services with being located within the Fulton County Government Building. Once determined, we will develop necessary planning, cost estimates and sequencing schedules that dictate an approach to accomplishing this goal.

Cost and schedule:
Our Scope of Services includes the development of an Overall Project Budget Estimates and a Sequencing Plans indicating how the existing Facility will be
modified to accept the move out and move in of Departments.

Government Ctr: 2018 – Phase 1 – Services are on schedule and estimated to be completed by 2021.
Judicial Ctr: 2020 – Phase 1 Services scheduled to begin late Fall


Fulton County Board of Commissioners


Estimated to be $35 Million


Project Budget/Sequencing Development Implementation once Funded

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