Eugene has 45 years of experience primarily in the areas of HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and other building systems maintenance and preventative maintenance programs.

His experience with APS ranges from a Foreperson supervising skilled maintenance personnel in Area 1 to a Regional Manager Team 2 where he established and coordinated comprehensive maintenance programs.  He completed his tour with APS as the HVAC Manager, overseeing the daily service logs, service personnel, short-term construction projects, equipment data, and contractor/vendor management.

He was responsible for the upkeep of 110 boilers, over 4,000 water source heat pumps, chillers, rooftop systems and others totaling over 8,000 pieces of HVAC equipment.  Lastly, he served as the liaison between equipment manufacturers, APS design teams, and contractors.

Eugene Contributes value through in-depth and insightful maintenance analysis, forecasting equipment, budgeting, and financial reporting.  He balances competing priorities, handling pressure, with ease, in fast-paced, high-volume, and deadline driven settings. He has established sound Maintenance Infrastructures and solid Internal Controls. He is known to accept heightened levels of accountability willingly, never shying away from challenges and always stepping up to support peers and management.



1 years with Ascension

44 years with other Firms