Sterlington LA Entertainment & Leisure Development

Development Principles
Smart growth
Phased development
Separation of people and cars
Balanced and high quality design

The Need
A place that evokes emotion and provides experiences
A destination
A pedestrian friendly environment
A sense of place & identity

An Entertainment Focus
Entertainment elements should be kept as an essential mixed-use element and synergized with each other and other on-site developments

All development must be conscious of health and well-being of all who visit as well as integral to the community.

Synergized Development
Multi-use retail and entertainment venues, mixed with business and leisure facilities create an “Ultimate Destination” for the entire region.

The Significance of Place
The Desire for an enduring sense of place.

The Experience
What attracts people to live here?
Natural Features
Millennial Demographic

The Inspiration
Desirable living Environment
Interactive and Sociable

The Vision
How the design inspire positive experiences

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