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125 Electric Avenue Decatur, GA 30030

Program Budget

2007-2012 BOND/SPLOST III – $40 Million
2012-2014 SPLOST IV – $18 Million
2014 COPS – $21.6 Million


Program Management, Facility Condition Assessments, Master Planning, Enrollment Projections oversight
Internal Staff – PTA/SLT and Community Stakeholder Meetings, set up and establishment of a Facility Management Software / System


Noel Maloof
Chief Operating Officer
404-371-3601 x1035

Mr. Jason Ware
Director of Facilities & Construction


System Wide Master Planning – Capital Improvement Program

CSD is the fastest growing School District in the State of Georgia.
Starting Fall 2012, Mr. Prine has been working with CSD to assess their current facility capacity versus projected enrollments for up to an 5 year period.
APM’s role began with conducting facility condition assessments.
APM evaluated each facility as it related to both GA DOE and Local CSD requirements.
– Utilizing the projected enrollments up through 2018 and working with CSD Staff and PTA/SLT representatives, APM developed specific Building Space Programs to accommodate the growth for each facility (K-3, 4/5, Middle and High School).
– Once the Building Programs were approved, APM then moved to develop specific Conceptual Master Plans for each site indicating areas to be renovated, and new construction.
– Each of these Conceptual Master Plans included a specific sequencing plan and schedule of how the improvements could be made on operating campuses.
– Detailed Cost Estimates/Budgets were developed for each facility tied back to a projected total Capital Improvement Need that will be utilized to seek both a GO Bond Referendum in 2015 and a SPLOST Referendum in 2016.
– Along the process, APM managed both Internal and External Community Stakeholder processes including working with the GA DOE for their input and approvals.

Decatur High School Athletic Complex / Arena & Performing Arts Center (2007 – 2012)

As Program Manager, Mr. Prine oversaw the development of a state of the art Athletic Complex. Project included the demolition of a existing Football Stadium and Gymnasium and development of a new combined facility. All of the work was accomplished on an operating campus located in the downtown area of the City of Decatur. It required constant attention to detail and safety monitoring.
Utilized a Construction Management – GMP Multi Package delivery process. Project was delivered on-time and nearly $500,000 under budget with the highest quality. Project utilized Sustainable Practices in both design and construction phases.

City Schools of Decatur Georgia Bond / SPLOST III Program (2007 – 2012) Renfroe Middle School New Gymnasium

As Program Manager, Mr. Prine oversaw the development of a new Gymnasium for this school. It included extensive master planning and community involvement to achieve the beautiful example you can see below. Mr. Prine and his team worked with the Principal and Staff to manage safety and separation during the construction phase of this project. Numerous Community and Stakeholder meetings were conducted in order to hear the insight of those who lived around this school and attempt to accommodate the


F.AVE - 4/5 Academy at 5th Avenue

As Program Manager, Mr. Prine worked with CSD to perform Demographic studies that indicated a need for a new 4th / 5th Grade Academy. His Team evaluated the existing Structure on the site and found it less costly to build a new facility. Next we solicited for a Design – Build Team and worked with them to Master Plan and achieve Community Stakeholder and City of Decatur input and recommendations. One good example was negotiating with the City to achieve on-street parking eliminating the need for more parking on the property and opening up the ability to achieve a larger Recreational area for the Students. In the end, the Project was delivered on-time and within its Budget and the surrounding Community has embraced it as a wonderful addition.

City Schools of Decatur Georgia Bond / SPLOST IV Program (2012 – 2014) Oakhurst Elementary Classroom Addition

APM provided Pre Construction phase services, Project and Financial Management support in the development of a new Classroom addition to this historic neighborhood school. Process included a very public process of engaging the local community and neighbors and getting their insight and concerns addressed in this plan. This project included a very tight site on an operating campus and needed a high level of consideration for the safety of the students and families it serves. Once completed, it added 8 Classrooms.

F.AVE - 4/5 Academy at 5th Avenue – Classroom Addition

APM provided Pre Construction phase services, Project and Financial Management support in the development of a new Classroom addition. The project added 10 Classrooms and support spaces and re-oriented the bus drop off and parent drop off and pick up areas.

Renfroe Middle School – Old Gym to Classroom conversion

APM provided Pre Construction phase services, Project and Financial Management support in the development of a  conversion of the old gym into 7 new classrooms.

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