City Schools of Decatur Georgia


CSD is the fastest growing School District in the State of Ga.

Starting Fall 2012, Mr. Prine has been working with CSD to assess their current facility capacity versus projected enrollments for up to 5 year period.

  • APM’s role began with conducting facility condition assessments.
  • APM evaluated each facility as it related to both GA DOE and Local CSD requirements.
  • Utilizing the projected enrollments up through 2018 and owrking iwth CSD Staff and PTA/SLT representatives, APM developed specific Building Space Programs to accommodate the growth for each facility.
  • Once the Building programs were approved, APM then moved to develop specific Conceptual Master Plans for each site indicating areas to be renovated, and new construction.
  • Each of these Conceptual master Plans included a specific sequencing plan and schedule of how the improvements could be made on operating campuses.
  • Detailed Cost Estimates / Budgets were developed for each facility tied back to a projected total Capital Improvement Need that were utilized to see both a GO Bond Referendum in 2015 and  a SPLOST referendum in 2016.
  • Along the process, APM managed both Internal and External Community Stakeholder process including working with the GA DOE for their input and approvals.
  • APM has overseen the selection of A/E teams, Construction Management firms and all aspects of design and construction for these Programs.

Tally Street Elementary


City Schools of Decatur Georgia


$150 Million

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