Jane Elizabeth Orr has 25 years’ experience in complex construction programs/projects, successfully managing schedules, budgets, and associated changes, ensuring value for owner’s expenditures, and implementing best practices including safety and material management.

In the role of program/construction manager, all of Jane’s engineering, construction and leadership experience has come together. She understands the importance of clearly defining the goals and objectives of each project and providing the owner with the tools needed to get them from conception to completion. As you will see from the project, experience listed below, Jane’s experience is comprehensive, and she has worked in all phases of project development.

As a civil field engineer, Jane began her career ensuring the implementation of the design, while overseeing contractors.  She was responsible for capturing the data and preparing reports for air quality, storm-water management, and progress.  Jane’s communication skills quickly led to the construction management of many groundbreaking civil projects. During the pre-construction phases, she worked with zoning officials, members of the community, including Police, Fire, DOT, to ensure projects developed allowed access for emergency response, mitigated negative impacts to traffic during construction, and to ensure the final project fit within the community.

Serving as Civil Construction/Program Manager – Jane has successfully collected, correlated and implemented Best Practices and Lessons Learned from foreign and domestic multi-billion-dollar construction projects.  After gathering this information she was responsible for ensuring implementation into project processes and procedures and assisting end-users, such as Field Engineering, project controls with retrieval of this information.

During construction activities, Jane has successfully managed a variety of construction contractors and trades. On many construction projects, Jane served as the owner’s representative, working with contractors to obtain their input for constructability and value engineering. This step led to successful implementation of design, while protecting the owner’s investment.


Vogtle Units 3&4; VC Summer Units 2&3; North Anna Nuclear Power Plant – Site Separation – Bechtel Power Corp  – Program Management

Southern Nuclear Company (SNC) – Vogtle Units 3 & 4 – Civil/Construction Program Manager

In her most recent role Jane is responsible for the production / implementation of various subcontractor’s projects of over $100M total scope. Coordination between project Critical Path and contractor’s scope is a key part of her duties.  Scope included oversight of the Hazardous Chemical [Water] Treatment Building.  This serves to ensure that all water to be utilized in the production of nuclear power meets the design requirements prior to its introduction into the closed system.  Additional scope included meeting the ITAAC (Inspections Tests, Analyses and Acceptance Criteria) imposed as a NRC Licensing requirement. Jane also performed Technical Evaluations for contract changes, and resolution of constructability interferences.  In addition, she is responsible for record closure, invoice review, earning plan reviews/input and associated reporting.

VC Summer Units 2 & 3 – Civil Construction/Program Manager

Jane’s role on the AP1000 – Strategic Planning Team utilized Best Practices and Lessons Learned from AP1000 China projects and industrial civil projects.  An important example was the separation of the underground circulating water pipe system from under heavy haul roads. She developed strategic reviews for over $200M of Civil Work, which included steel frame, concrete/rebar structural systems, coordination of underground utilities and circulating water pipe routes.  These results efforts were implemented at both VC Summer and Plant Vogtle projects.

North Anna Nuclear Power Plant – Site Separation for Unit 2 – $500M

As Owner’s Representative/Civil Program Manager for Dominion Power Jane was responsible for oversight of the A/E and construction scope. The unique challenge was all construction activities were performed under the NRC ASME NQA-1 requirements, of an operating nuclear plant. Original scope of over 35 acres composed the original scope area from which an area of 15 acres was delineated for Unit 1 and the remainder for the proposed unit 2.  In her role as oversight, Jane conducted weekly Owner, A/E and contractor meetings, maintained Action Item Log and timely completion of said actions, ensuring adherence to project objectives, such as safety, quality, schedule and budget. Project scope included relocation of utilities, such as the underground 45kV power line, domestic sanitary and potable water. In addition, she conducted spot Quality Control/Field Engineering inspections pertaining to earthwork over 25,000 cu yds: cut/fill, installation of electrical/telecommunication cables and sanitary/potable water lines. She performed value engineering reviews of design for 1-2 story office and industrial buildings to support operations.

CIVIL Construction/Project Manager

In this corporate role, Jane has performed quarterly multi-functional [Construction, Procurement and Quality Control] internal audits of multi-billion-dollar new construction fossil power projects and upgrade projects for operating nuclear power plants.  From the internal audit information, she initiated improvements to processes and procedures, including supply chain, and relayed information to Power Estimating team, through follow-up meetings.  Jane collected improvements to means and methods including earthwork, circulating water design, installation of underground utilities and just in time procurement.


NYC and the Great Park – Orange County, CA – Program Management  

As civil/structural design engineer, Jane has designed building systems for a wide variety of project types including schools, multi-story mixed use building and swimming pools. Building types include structural steel frame, wood-frame, and masonry. She also designed structural repairs for renovation projects of historical buildings, as early as 1906.

Orange County Great Park – El Toro Marine Base Conversion – $1.2 Billion – Project Manager/Civil Engineer.  Project included the conversion of over 1,300 acres of the retired El Toro Marine Air Corps Station into a major urban park and hub of civic life.  Ground build aspects included over 53 acres of cut/fill earthwork and the design of potable and sanitary sewer systems.


United States Navy – Multiple Sites – Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils and Groundwater – Project Manager/Civil Engineer
In the environmental field, Jane oversaw multiple sites ensuring water runoff was contained in compliance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, SWPPP.  State of the art remediation practices included the use the micro-organisms, bio-slurping and burning of soils.  Responsible for documenting air quality compliance with local, state, and Federal regulations, including monthly and quarterly reports for the US Navy.


1996 – Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
1990 – Bachelor of Liberal Arts – History, minors in Italian and English, Auburn University, Auburn, AL


2012 – General Contractor’s Licensure, Virginia

1996 – Engineer-in-Training, Alabama


25 years total
5 years with APM