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Jane Elizabeth Orr has 20 years’ experience in complex construction programs/projects, successfully managing schedules, budgets and associated changes, ensuring value for owner’s expenditures and implementing best practices including safety and material management.

In the role of program manager, all of Jane’s engineering, construction and leadership experience has come together. She understands the importance of clearly defining the goals and objectives of each project and providing the owner with the tools needed to get them from conception to completion. As you will see from the project, experience listed below, Jane’s experience is comprehensive and she has worked in all phases of project development.

As a civil field engineer, Jane began her career ensuring the implementation of the design, while overseeing contractors.  She was responsible for capturing the data and preparing reports for air quality, storm-water management and progress.  Jane’s communication skills quickly led to the construction management of many ground breaking civil projects. During the pre-construction phases, she worked with zoning officials, members of the community, including Police, Fire, DOT, to ensure projects developed allowed access for emergency response, mitigated negative impacts to traffic during construction, and to ensure the final project fit within the community.

During construction activities, Jane has successfully managed a variety of construction contractors and trades. On many construction projects, Jane served as the owner’s representative, working with contractors to obtain their input for constructability and value engineering. This step led to successful implementation of design, while protecting the owner’s investment. In addition, Jane has prepared cost estimates, including the Great Park in Irvine, Ca. over 1,100 acres of proposed park and assisted owners in procuring construction services.

As civil/structural design engineer, Jane has designed building systems for a wide variety of project types including schools, multi-story mixed use building and swimming pools. Building types include structural steel frame, wood-frame and masonry. She also designed structural repairs for renovation projects of historical buildings, as early as 1906.

Personal Experience


Program Management – Parks, Municipal Swimming Pools, Sports Complex Projects

New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation [NJSCC]. $1.6 Billion Program – Assistant Program Manager. Historical renovations included schools from 1890’s to 1960’s for the New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation [NJSCC]. Projects ranged from $200,000 to 10 M. Projects included design and construction of emergency repairs, including hazardous material abatement, noise abatement, fire alarm system upgrades, interior and exterior masonry repairs, electronic system modifications, and door/window installations.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience overseeing large complex Government Capital Improvement Programs 

 Orange County Great Park – El Toro Marine Base Conversion – $1.2 Billion – Project Manager/Civil Engineer.  Project included the conversion of over 1,300 acres of the retired El Toro Marine Air Corps Station into a major urban park and hub of civic life. Once completed, this $1.2 billion plan will provide the citizens of Orange County with a wide array of venues, including a sports park, a visitor’s center, museums, a library, trails for walking and biking, a botanical garden, a golf course and lake, an amphitheater, and a tethered helium observation balloon that serves as the park’s icon.  Jane oversaw a collaborative effort of Landscape, Structural, Civil and Environmental team members. She managed the development of the cost estimates including all phases of pre-construction, construction and operation and maintenance activities. Met regularly with city park personnel to keep them informed and to incorporate any changes.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience overseeing large complex Parks and Recreation Projects and experience in Cost Management.   

Westchester Country Club Renovations and Municipal Swimming Pools – $8.8 Million – Project Manager.  Renovations included upgrades to the changing rooms and main building and painting of pool surface. Reduced scope to small one-day scopes to minimize impact to club members. Other pool renovations projects were simultaneously managed, and included encompassing zero entry design to meet ADA requirements, enlarging length of pool to Olympic standards, new pump design and associated tile replacement, and upgrade of existing restrooms, to meet ADA requirements.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience with expedited construction efforts to retrofit of existing pool to meet Olympic requirements, to allow for a late snow and early summer training requirements.

Aviator’s Sports Complex, Brooklyn, New York – $25 Million – Project Manager.  Project included adaptive reuse of municipal airport hangers to sports complex. Jane’s role included overseeing design of structural systems to support renovations to convert hanger areas into basketball courts, locker rooms, mezzanine level with rock wall and restaurants. Renovations required the introduction of HVAC, plumbing, electrical and roof repairs, where possible, and new roof installation. Coordination of these along with responsible architect for the design of the spaces was required.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience managing complex design teams charged with renovation of existing facilities.

Bathgate Educational Complex, Bronx, NJ – $22 Million – Project Manager.

Existing warehouse was reimagined into two-story building to house three separate high schools. Shared space on the first story included kitchen, cafeteria, state of the arts science laboratories with ADA features, library and multi-purpose room. The multi-purpose room served as both gymnasium, with retractable basketball goals, and stage for theatre and award ceremonies. Special design feature is the “floating” entrance stairwells. Each stairwell system includes a structural wall that continues along the roof, which serves to support the color-coordinated skylight. Colors are green blue and red, accented with yellow to designate the three high schools within. ADA classrooms were located on the first floor. Responsibilities included design of structural steel frame with masonry, steel and glass siding. Weekly meetings with the owner to report progress and address concerns. Oversight of construction to ensure compliance with design features.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience managing complex design teams charged with renovation of existing facilities.


United States Navy – Multiple Sites – Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils and Groundwater – Project Manager/Civil Engineer

In the environmental field, Jane oversaw multiple sites ensuring water runoff was contained in compliance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, SWPPP.  State of the art remediation practices included the use the micro-organisms, bio-slurping and burning of soils.  Responsible for documenting air quality compliance with local, state and Federal regulations, including monthly and quarterly reports for the US Navy.

Gwinnett Relevance: Indicates experience managing complex contaminated soil remediation along with storm water pollution prevention efforts.


1996 – Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, AL

1990 – Bachelor of Liberal Arts – History, minors in Italian and English, Auburn University, Auburn, AL


2012 – General Contractor’s Licensure, Virginia

1996 – Engineer-in-Training, Alabama


20 years total

1 year with APM

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